If you are not satisfied with the product you received, please let us know by calling our office within 30 days of receipt of the product, at 718-680-7938 (no e-mails please), there will be a 15% restocking charge if the item were opened. Refunds of a purchase are done by crediting your credit card account.

About Our Web Specials
Web Specials are temporary price markdowns on selected items offered through our online store. These promotional, reduced prices are subject to change or cancellation without notice, so we advise you to take advantage of items flagged as "Web Special" immediately. One important question we are asked often by our customers is whether case/quantity discounts are still available for those items marked as Web Specials. The answer is no. As long as an item is marked down, the promotional price overrides the regular quantity price. By purchasing a "Web Special" item, you are assured to pay a unit price that is always as low as, and often lower than, the quantity price. When a Web Special is terminated on an item, the regular price and case price are both restored.

What Happens After I Place My Order?
During your checkout procedure, you will be given the option to receive an order confirmation via email. Although you do not have to check this option, we highly recommend that you do. By doing so, a copy of your order, as well as subsequent status changes and shipment confirmations, will immediately and automatically be sent to the email address you have entered as part of your personal information (a return email address is required even if you choose not to receive a copy of your order via email. This is to allow us to contact you should there be a problem of any kind with the fulfillment of your order).

If you request a copy of your order to be sent to you via email, but do not receive it within an hour or so after clicking the "Place Order" button, chances are you may have mistyped your email address while placing your online order. It happens more often than you think... If this is the case, please send us a separate email with your correct address, and we will manually send you an order confirmation.

As soon as your order ships, your package will be issued a tracking number and the status of your order changed from "Pending" to "Shipped". Because our warehouse ships until very late in the afternoon however, it may be possible that a Shipment Confirmation email with related tracking info is not sent to you until the business morning after your order has shipped.

Finally bear in mind that, although the tracking number is issued as soon as your package is prepared by our warehouse, it takes the carrier (UPS) a few hours to pick up the shipment and input its information into the online tracking system. Therefore, for the first few hours after receipt of your Shipment Confirmation email, checking the status of your order by using the provided tracking number may return a "Tracking Number Could Not Be Found in UPS Database" message. Just wait a few more hours (up to 12 may be necessary) and your tracking information will eventually show up into UPS' database.

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