AIA Coffee sells Lavazza Coffee products because
our company is committed to selling quality products!

As a coffee drinker, you are well aware of the sheer bliss found in a cup of coffee brewed with fresh, whole beans. From the delightful aroma that fills the room, to the vivacious flavor that fills up your senses, LavAzza and Aroma Di Napoli whole bean coffees are the perfect way to start your day and the perfect complement to a delicious meal.

Our LavAzza and Aroma Di Napoli Coffees Include

  • LavAzza Grand
  • LavAzza Super Espresso
  • LavAzza Pienaroma Espresso
  • Aroma Di Napoli
  • Aroma Di Napoli Decaf
These are sold by the bag or the case. Contact us if you would like regular coffee beans grounded.

For those looking to fill their cup with the finest beans that American hills can produce, AIA Coffee offers ground and whole bean coffee from esteemed American coffee companies.

These are beans in the bag or they can come already ground in the bag.

  • Hazelnut
  • Premium Blend
  • French Vanilla
  • Colombian Supremo
  • Premium Whole Bean
Coffee is available in the following quantities:
  • Premium Blend American Coffee (90 2.5oz bags)
  • Premium Blend American Coffee (80 3oz bags)
  • Premium Blend American Decaf Coffee (96 2.5oz bags)
  • French Vanilla and Hazelnut Coffee - 3 ounce bags - 42 per case
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